Thursday, February 22, 2018

#1 Hugo, Oklahoma!

Fred Logan, John Carol, Robert Jones, Alonzo Dever, Micky Greer "Little Irish" and Bill Woodcock!
Winter of 1949-50.

#2 Hugo, Okla!

Fred Logan and "Anna May"!
My Father had once been enraptured with the Movie Actress Anna May Wong, hence the name!

#3 Hugo, Okla!

#4 Hugo, Okla!

.....after completing the trick "Lydia" will wave the Flag!

#5 Hugo, Okla!

Training "Lydia" with "Margaret" in the doorway!

#6 Hugo, Okla!

Fred Logan, Bill Woodcock and Alonzo Dever!

#7 Hugo, Okla!

The "Hand Shake!"
Shirley Logan  with "Margaret" and "Tena"

#8 Hugo, Okla!

Bob Grubb and Shirley Walters practicing Gollmar Show "Daisy" for the upcoming Cole & Walters Circus!

#9 Hugo, Okla!

They named this African Elephant "Colonel" after my Father.....he was underwhelmed!
She was never trained, D.R. said, ".....for all  the money I paid for her, I want her left just as she is!

#10 Hugo, Okla!

Jack Moore, Stanfield the Magician and Doc Sherman!

#11 Hugo, Okla!

The Show came up with with a lot of Civil War wardrobe for a Historical America Spec!
My buddy Jimmy Rossi and I trying them out!
Fits right in with the WQ construction going on!

#12 Hugo, Okla!

Isn't somebody supposed to say, ".....Smile?"

#13 Hugo, Okla!

Herb Walters, Ted LaVelda and Bob Cowls!

#14 Hugo, Okla!

Col. Tim McCoy and Jack Moore!

#15 Hugo, Okla!

Isla and Barbara Jane Miller!

#16 Hugo, Okla!

Leaving Winter Quarters on a march to Down Town Hugo for some sort of Occasion!
Jimmy Hamiter at Left then Bill Woodcock, Micky Greer, Alonzo Dever, John Carol, Fred Logan and Smokey Jones!

#17 Hugo, Okla!

#18 Hugo, Okla!

Jumped up on "Margaret" for a picture,,,,,how was I to know Elephant Men don't wear Arguille Sox!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

#1 Circus World Museum!

#2 Baraboo!

#3 Baraboo!

Frankie Braun at the controls!

#4 Baraboo!

Here am I with "Peggy", "Toto" and "Mack", Shannon at the brake!

#5 Baraboo!

Looks like my Buddy Bill Johnson moving Pat Anthony's Cats around to be loaded into Parade Cages!

#6 Baraboo!

Don't recall who these folks are, maybe Park employees!

#7 Baraboo!

Two Roberts, Gibbs and Jones!
.....both out standing in their Field!

#8 Baraboo!

"Mack", "Anna May", "Dutch", "Peggy" and "Toto"!
I owned five elephants at one point, two were given to me!

#9 Baraboo!

Three Men out standing in their Field!

#10 Baraboo!

.....three More Men!

#11 Baraboo!

Murray Hill!

#12 Baraboo!

#13 Baraboo!

#14 Baraboo!

Happy Birthday

Not quite sure how this popped up on the Blog but a pleasant Surprise!
Happy Birthday!

#15 Baraboo!

Edna and Jergen Cristensen attending the Parade!

#16 Baraboo!

The Stevens' Nuptials!
.....I was more nervous than the Groom!

#17 Baraboo!

Johnny Walker and Tex Copeland, no idea who's elephants!

#18 Baraboo!

Buckles, Buthelier, Gary, Johnathan, Big Man Pilz, Shannon, Ben, Dan Pyle
Tom Hafner, Dalilah and Army Maguire!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

#1 Aerialists!

#2 Aerialists!

Flying Wards!
Familiar faces here particularly Mayme Ward third from left!
She was a regular at Baraboo during our years there!

#3 Aerialists!

Albert Powell!
Aerial Contortionist!

#4 Aerialists!

#5 Aerialists!

Looks like Tuffy at right!

#6 Aerialists!

Flying Concellos!
Isn't this Harold Ward?

#7 Aerialists!

#8 Aerialists!

#9 Aerialists!

#10 Aerialists!

Flying Hartzells!
I go back to my Barnett Bros. Childhood with Johnny and Helene!

#11 Aerialists!

Luvas Sisters!

#12 Aerialists!

La Toria!

#13 Aerialists!

Tiny Gallagher?