Wednesday, August 23, 2017

#1 Barnett Bros. Circus

My first recollections of life were from this Show.
First known as Barnett Bros. Circus and later Wallace Bros.

Off Sister In Law Peggy took family members up North to see the Eclipse and enroute the train hit a car and they were sidelined for four hours.

#2 Barnett Bros.

My mother leading the Daily Street Parade.

#3 Barnett Bros.

#4 Barnett Bros.

My father at left, the season he decided to get away from elephants.
.....actually he was very good at Side Show Oratory!

#5 Barnett Bros.

Sarah "Babe" Woodcock.

#6 Barnett Bros.

William Woodcock Sr.

#7 Barnett Bros.

From all accounts I was a very pleasant child!

#8 Barnett Bros.

Holding my ....

#9 Barnett Bros.

The MacIntosh Sisters tight wire act posing with Eddie Hendrix.

#10 Barnett Bros.

Home Sweet Home....our compartment at left!

#11 Barnett Bros.

I vividly recall when Clyde Beatty was added temporarily in mid-Season, a big thing for a kid.
This was part of his unit with Arky Scott pictured at left.

#12 Barnett Bros.

#13 Barnett Bros.

Some Cats Is Got It!..... and Some Cats Ain't!
Years later while I was a Candy Butcher on the Kelly-Miller Show, the Knight Family was there but Miss Knight was more interested in one of the Wild West Cowboys!

#14 Barnett Bros.

Burt Pettus.

#15 Barnett Bros.

Burt "Frieda", "Eva", "Danny" and my mother.

#16 Barnett Bros.

#17 Barnett Bros.

Some of you might recall this Dinner Table number we did at Circus World.
Here is the Arresting Officer hauling the Tipsy elephant off to the Hoosegow!
I tried to let me wear make up and a Tux like that but they wouldn't go for it.

#18 Barnett Bros.

My favorite picture!
My mother was an excellent Horsewoman which sometimes was a handicap, I remember a time on the Cole Show when they were assigning mounts for Menage and she got one named "Carrot" with the comment, "Give this one to Babe she's the only one that can handle this Knot-Head!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Greatest Show On Earth

Hard to believe this Movie is over 60 years old.
....."Minyak" is your foot getting tired?"



Bob Wild.



Fay Alexander, Betty Hutton and Antoinette Concello.


.....your friendly neighborhood Elephant Trainer!




#10 GSOE

#11 GSOE

#12 GSOE

#13 GSOE

#14 GSOE

#15 GSOE

#16 GSOE

#17 GSOE

#18 GSOE

Monday, August 21, 2017

Back In Business!


Fear not. I am a professional.

Sunday, August 20, 2017